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Hobby Japan

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Hobby Japan has been involved in the retail business and the publishing industry since its founding, branching out over the years into other fields such as hobby products, the development and sale of board games, character development and more. We actively continue to create new products and services to keep up with the times and meet the needs of our customers. Our most recent undertakings are web media and publishing, product development and sale targeted at the international market.


Hobby Japan was founded in 1955 as a miniature car shop in Yoyogi, Tokyo. With the motto of “bringing hobby from all over the world to hobby lovers”, it grew into a company dedicated to anything that is “hobby”, including publishing, hobby products, development and sale of board games, character development and more. Our goal is to continue to stimulate the curiosity of all hobby lovers.

Company Name
Hobby Japan Co., Ltd.
Shinjuku Hobby Bldg., 2-15-8 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, 151-0053 Tokyo
Date of Foundation
27 September 1969
Daisuke Matsushita (President)
Number of Employees
130 (as of March 2020)
Business Areas
  • Publication of hobby magazines, light novels, comics, hobby-related books
  • Character development, licensing business
  • Planning and sale of hobby products
  • Game development and publication of related books
  • Import and sale of foreign hobby products and games
  • Retail of hobby products (Post Hobby)


We provide online services that meet the needs of the times and our customers, like "Hobby Japan Web", “Arms Magazine WEB” (a web magazine linked to our monthly publication), “Comic Fire” (a website to read comics for free) and “Novel Up Plus” (a website to which users can contribute their novels).